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Bone and Joint Team: Surgery and Inpatient

It's never easy to decide to have surgery. Together with your physician and family, you have determined that surgery is your best path towards good health.

In order for your procedure to have optimal success, you and your primary physician are important and essential members of the team. You’ll find that we value communication and it is absolutely critical to us that you and your physician are informed and active participants in the treatment. After all, what you do at home after surgery, and in coordination with your physician, is key to achieving the quality of life you desire.

What to expect when the time comes for your procedure?

The day of your surgery

Consult the checklist we’ve provided and make sure that you’ve spoken to your physician and have done everything you need to do to get ready.

On the day of your surgery, come to our Surgical Day Care (SDC), located on the second floor of Holy Family Hospital in Methuen.

After Surgery

Your recovery will begin in St. Mary’s just a few feet away from SDC. Here, a dedicated team of nurses, physical and occupational therapists will work with you and your physician to create an individualized recovery plan. From skilled pain management expertise to personalized nursing care, we are committed to getting you up and moving.

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