Paul C. | Holy Family

Paul C.

Orthopedic Surgeon Gregory Johnson, MD did a fantastic job with both of my hip replacement surgeries. The first one was done at Holy Family Hospital in Methuen, and the second at Holy Family Hospital in Haverhill. Both times I spent just one night in the hospital and the nurses were amazing. With my first hip surgery Dr. Johnson quickly instilled confidence in me because everything he said would happen - before, during and after surgery - did happen. He was spot-on. I left the hospital walking on one crutch after my first surgery. In a week I was using just a cane, and two weeks out I didn’t need any help. It was impressive that after such a major operation I only missed five business days at work, including the day of my surgery. While recovering from my first surgery, I learned how important it was for my hamstrings to be flexible, so before my second surgery I spent a lot of time stretching so I would be more flexible. The result was that I didn’t need any medication after I left the hospital and I was walking with a perfect gait eight days after surgery. Dr. Johnson wants you up and moving right after surgery, and I was, especially after the second surgery.