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Joyce S.
When people go above and beyond what I expect, I have to let their superiors know. I recently had a procedure done by Gastroenterologist  Dr. Bridget Seymour, and from the time I checked in to the time I left, the entire team made me feel that they were there for me. I was treated with respect, but more importantly, they had me laughing, which took away the stress that I was feeling. Everyone on the team introduced themselves to me, and when we hit a little problem, everyone went out of their way to try to find a solution, and in the end everything was fine. I never thought I would say that I enjoyed the time I spent having this procedure, but I did because of the staff in Surgical Day Care. I wish I could remember all the names, and I want them to know how good they are and how much I appreciate the care they gave me. Dr. Seymour is a perfect example of what a doctor should be - caring and one of the best bedside manners I have ever seen. She never talks down to you, and she explains everything so you understand. I wish I could have her as my primary care physician, but I know that I cannot as she is a specialist. I appreciate the care and the laughter we shared. Never underestimate the power of laughter to de-stress someone.      

John H., 90 years young at the time of his knee surgery
  Problems with my knee started in 1950 with a football injury. Over the years, once in a while, my knee popped out and back in again.  Recently, it got to the point where I couldn’t ride a bike because my knee could not go all the way around. I had to do something, and so I attended orthopedic seminars on knee replacement surgery, including seminars on MAKOplasty® partial knee replacement surgery with Dr.Thomas Hoerner.  I scheduled appointments because I had questions, and finally in September 2016, I had a partial knee replacement. My surgery was at 8 a.m. and I was out of the hospital by noontime the next day. Truthfully,  I had no pain at all following surgery. The only discomfort was when we were working on increasing the amount of motion in the joint, and even then the discomfort was from tightness. My experience with Dr. Hoerner was very good as was my care at Holy Family Hospital. Three years ago I had a hip replacement in Boston. I didn’t want to back to Boston. It’s much more convenient to have it done here, and I thought Dr. Hoerner had a much better method with MAKOplasty®.  I am very satisfied with the procedure and I have recommended Dr. Hoerner to others.       

Paul C.
Orthopedic Surgeon Gregory Johnson, MD did a fantastic job with both of my hip replacement surgeries. The first one was done at Holy Family Hospital in Methuen, and the second at Holy Family Hospital in Haverhill. Both times I spent just one night in the hospital and the nurses were amazing. With my first hip surgery Dr. Johnson quickly instilled confidence in me because everything he said would happen - before, during and after surgery - did happen. He was spot-on. I left the hospital walking on one crutch after my first surgery. In a week I was using just a cane, and two weeks out I didn’t need any help. It was impressive that after such a major operation I only missed five business days at work, including the day of my surgery. While recovering from my first surgery, I learned how important it was for my hamstrings to be flexible, so before my second surgery I spent a lot of time stretching so I would be more flexible. The result was that I didn’t need any medication after I left the hospital and I was walking with a perfect gait eight days after surgery. Dr. Johnson wants you up and moving right after surgery, and I was, especially after the second surgery.    

Harry K.
Gastroenterologist Bridget Seymour, MD performed a colonoscopy and found a blockage, so she called in Colorectal Surgeon Romie Mundy, MD for an opinion. When I woke up she told me what she had found and said they took a biopsy and were waiting for the results, but since I was already there and had already done the colonoscopy prep, they wanted to do a CT scan. The biopsy results revealed cancer but the CT scan showed it had not spread, indicating that no chemotherapy would be needed, just surgery to remove the mass and resect the colon. Dr. Mundy performed laparoscopic surgery six days later. I was in the hospital for three days, and  I was up and walking the first day. This was as good an outcome anyone could hope for with a diagnosis of cancer. I couldn’t have had better care. Dr. Seymour was very good and right on top of everything she needed to do. Dr. Mundy has an excellent bedside manner. He was great about informing me of everything he was going to do, how he was going to do it, and why. He said what I had was basically curable with surgery - and that was the best part. I would recommend him. I am pleased with my doctors and the nursing staff - the nurses were wonderful, as usual.    

Meghan S.
Dr. Edwards has a wonderful ability to read his patients and cater his approach to the patient and the situation, keeping you calm. He has a way of making you feel you are his only patient.  He’s reassuring, dependable, and has been a rock for our whole family. I have three sisters and we all go to Dr. Edwards.  My three pregnancies were all very different experiences and Dr. Edwards was there with us through everything. Dr. Edwards was on vacation when our youngest son was born prematurely, but he is so devoted, that as soon as he returned, he came to hospital to check on us. Holy Family Hospital’s Birthing Center is also wonderful. Just like Dr. Edwards, they make you feel like you are their only patient. The nurses are unbelievable. Their high level of compassion has had the biggest impact on our family through the happy, sad, scary and emotional times of pregnancy, delivery, and the care fragile newborns receive in the special care nursery. The wonderful care we received from the nurses  at Holy Family Hospital caused us to create a scholarship at Salem State College, because the nursing program there is affiliated with Holy Family Hospital.  

Patricia G.
I had increased pain that was affecting my life. There was no injury, just gradually increasing pain in my lower back, buttocks and legs that eventually became unbearable.   I suffered with severe pain for a few months before I sought help at the Holy Family Hospital Center for Pain Management, where I met Dr. Stephanie Gianoukos.    During our first meeting she listened to my history, did a physical exam and ordered tests which revealed arthritis in my lumbar spine.   I was lucky that my first epidural steroid injection gave me pain relief that lasted for a full year.   The team works together with a positive attitude and they have many suggestions that can help.    It’s important to be open-minded about different modalities. I have done physical therapy, acupuncture, massage and TENS. My suggestion is to try what’s suggested see what works. I also do water therapy - physical therapy in a heated pool - because the buoyancy of the water makes the exercises easier on joints.   I have been going to the center for two years. I go when I need it, and my overall experience has been wonderful.     

Annmarie L.
Years after I had back surgery, I began to have a back ache that eventually became painful, but it was a different type of pain than what I had experienced prior to back surgery. My primary care physician ordered tests that showed a herniated disc at the junction of L-5 and S-1, the next level down from my first surgery, and referred me to the Holy Family Hospital Center for Pain Management.    After an evaluation, we decided to start with a steroid injection to control pain, which helped, but the relief didn’t last long. Dr. Frederic Gerges said I was a good candidate for a new procedure called hydrodiscectomy.    Through a small incision, a cannula was inserted between vertebrae, and with water and suction, the center of the protruding disc was removed, and the debris is vacuumed out,  allowing the part of the disc that’s protruding, to move back into the center of the disc, relieving pressure on the nerve. That was two years ago and I still don’t have any pain. With my first back surgery I was out of work for three weeks. I had the hydrodiscectomy on a Friday and I was back to work on Tuesday.    The Pain Center team is a highly compassionate and works hard to provide relief for patients.  

Georgianna G.
I woke up in the middle of the night with horrible pain. When I arrived at Holy Family Hospital in Haverhill, I met Colorectal Surgeon Romie Mundy, MD, who ordered tests that revealed a perforated colon and the need for major surgery.   Dr. Mundy was wonderful. He explained everything to me before he did the surgery. And after surgery, he explained everything that he had done. He’s a wonderful young doctor who made me feel comfortable, and made me feel that I was going to be okay.   I’m old and this was a whole new experience. I had never had surgery before. After surgery, whenever I called his office with a question, he got right back to me, and if he couldn’t, he made sure someone did.   I was in the hospital for seven days, the first night in the ICU. Care at the hospital was great. I have no complaints at all.  

Kenneth H.
I had been in pain for about a year and a half. I was unable to participate in the sports I like - golf and tennis -prior to my total hip replacement surgery, which was done at Holy Family Hospital in Methuen, where they have a dedicated unit for total hip and knee replacement surgeries.   My surgery went well and the nurses did a great job overseeing my medications, checking my wounds, and managing my pain.  During the operation and recovery they were right on top of my care.   Orthopedic Surgeon Barry Bickley, MD is a very good surgeon. He was  very professional, explaining the procedure, what the results would be, and what to expect.    I am very happy with the care I received from Dr. Bickley and the hospital.  

Jan P.
I had hip surgery four years ago at age 67. I played tennis, golf and did yoga as an adult. My hip started to become uncomfortable, then painful and finally I felt handicapped.   I wanted to be active again so I tried two cortisone injections, but the relief didn't last long. I traveled from Durham, NH to Haverhill, MA to see Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon Gregory Johnson, MD because I knew of him, and liked his credentials. My husband is a retired physician.    My surgery was in October and by end of January or early February I was playing light tennis and golfing again, and doing yoga with modifications.    I was in the hospital a couple of days following surgery, and up and walking the day of surgery. I am extremely happy with the care I received from Dr. Johnson, and Holy Family Hospital in Haverhill.   My advice to anyone suffering with hip pain is not to wait until you can’t tolerate the pain anymore, because it takes time to get ready for the actual surgery. If you know the writing is on the wall, start making plans.   Before my surgery I was afraid I would never be able to bend over and do gardening again, but I can.   I feel like I got my life back.  

Maureen L.
 I was not feeling well following a procedure so I was referred to Colorectal Surgeon Romie Mundy, MD.  He knew exactly what needed to be done. He told me I would need two surgeries, how he was going to do them, and why. I instantly knew I was in good hands, so I dropped my health insurance and picked up my husband’s so I could see Dr. Mundy. I had surgery on a Tuesday and left the hospital on Friday feeling like a new person, and three months later I had the second surgery. I had never been to Holy Family Hospital prior to meeting Dr. Mundy. Both times, the care I received at the hospital was fantastic. I felt like I bonded with the staff. Dr. Mundy would come in and sit with me, and he called the nurse’s station in the evening to check on me and my care. He’s a miracle worker. In my case, he truly is.  

Leonard L.
I was in pain for two years; I couldn’t walk, especially up a hill, and sleeping was painful. I couldn’t lift anything because the pain was so bad. At first I thought it was my back, but it was my hip.  I initially saw Dr. Eugene Brady for evaluation, and he recommended Dr. Barry Bickley for total hip replacement surgery.  Dr. Bickley recommended that I have the surgery at Holy Family Hospital. The staff, from pre-op through discharge, was fabulous. Anything I needed - they were there. The day of my surgery, when the nurses got me up, I was expecting great pain…but I felt fine. The next day I was walking down the hallway and within three weeks I was walking normal. I wish I had done it sooner. Now I feel great and I can do whatever I want to do. I have my life back. I live in Enfield, New Hampshire, which is about an hour and a half from Holy Family Hospital, but it was worth the drive. Dr. Bickley is such a gentleman - a great surgeon and a fine man. If I ever had to have surgery like this again I wouldn’t hesitate to have Dr. Bickley do it.